JoJo Talks New 'G.B.F.' Movie: "I Hope People Can See Love, Friendship and Humanity"

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JoJo is back in action! She talked to us about her latest film "G.B.F." and told us what she hopes people take away from it. Just because JoJo hasn't been able to release new music doesn't mean she can't express herself!

Her latest project is a film called G.B.F. (Gay Best Friend) about three queen bees at a high school who try to win over the latest hot "accessory," a gay best friend. When two closeted best friends get caught up in the mix, things start to get complicated.

JoJo plays Soledad, head of the Gay-Straight Alliance club, who hopes to have an actual gay member in the club. "She's pretty intense," JoJo said about Soledad. "She's very passionate about her club at school, it's pretty much the only thing she has. She's eccentric. A little bit annoying probably." One thing JoJo does not have in common with Soledad: "I'd never rat someone out with something as personal as coming out," the 23-year-old told us.

So what does she hope people take away from the film? "I hope they get to see love and friendship," she told us. "The love that you can find in friendship oftentimes it is more important than a romantic relationship. I love that friendship is kind of chosen over something more."

The topics of the film dig deeper than just high school issues. "I like that a love story was told here about people coming into their own and finding themselves. I hope that people of all walks of life can see this and connect to it on a human level and take away the gays, straights, blacks or the whites--however you want to label it. I hope people can see love, friendship and humanity here."

G.B.F. comes out in theaters tonight.


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