Lena Dunham Unretouched Vogue Pics: Did Jezebel Need to Stir Up Drama?

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Unretouched pics from Lena Dunham's Vogue photo shoot were published by Jezebel to prove a point. Did they? Plus, see Lena's response to the $10,000 request for the pre-Photoshopped pics. %VIRTUAL-Slideshow-161262%

Lena Dunham's recent Vogue cover and photo spread are gorgeous, no doubt about it...but it's also drummed up a hot debate about the mag's heavy hand with retouching pics.

Jezebel.com is under fire for stirring up some drama, after offering $10,000 for unretouched pics of Lena's Vogue shoot before they got the Photoshop treatment.

Last night, Lena responded to Jezebel in the best way--she's a class act, that one.

First, she replied to a fan, who tweeted: "If Dunham wanted to release her own retouched photos, that might be interesting. Asking for a bounty on them? GROSS."

Lena's response? "10k? Give it to charity then just order HBO."

She followed it up by tweeting: "Some shit is just too ridiculous to engage. Let's use our energy wisely, 2014."

Jezebel published the pre-Photoshopped pics today, admitting in the post: "While Dunham has not been radically Photoshopped, it's clearer than ever what kind of woman Vogue finds Vogue-worthy: The taller, longer-limbed, svelter version of reality. Vogue is not interested in reality, of course."

Vogue magazine's response was an Instagram pic of Lena with a pigeon on her head: "The Vogue pigeon. Any questions? Photo by b_sam"

What do you think of Jezebel publishing the unretouched pics of Lena's Vogue shoot? Did they prove their point?

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