Don't Piss Her Off! Blue Ivy Gives 10 Haters a Piece of Her Mind

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It's really hard being the offspring of one of the swaggiest couples in entertainment. Just ask Beyoncé and Jay-Z's baby girl, Blue Ivy Carter. She's had to deal with haters since long before she was even born! Remember that little rumor about her being delivered via surrogacy? So far, the heir to hip-hop royalty has kept mum on all of the gossip. But now that she's entered her "terrible twos," she's through biting her tongue. Blue was spotted out in Miami recently with a rather sassy hand gesture and a few choice words for her critics.

When people say she didn't actually enter the world through Beyoncé's vajayjay:

To everybody who thinks "Blue Ivy" is a stupid name:

In response to that delusional singer Lorde:

When North West came along and tried to steal her shine:

And then when Kanye interrupted her and said, "Blue, I'mma let you finish, but North is the cutest baby of all time":

Every time someone complains about her hair:

When anyone tries to question ANYTHING she does:

Even her dad knows who's boss:

When people mess up her mama's songs:

She gives them the stink eye and shows off her necklace:

She FLAWLESS! Bow down, bitches!!!


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