Harry Styles' New Tattoos: Bible Covers "Things I Can't" Ink?

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Harry Styles is showing off two new tattoos--what appears to be the Holy Bible, covering his "Things I Can't" ink and one that reads "Silver Spoon." Check out the pics. Harry Styles new tattoos bible silver spoon
In a surprise to no one, Harry Styles showed off a couple of new tattoos last week--what's surprising, however, is that he covered up an existing tat.

This comes on the heels of Harry getting an anchor tattoo to cover up his wrist ink that reads "I can't change."

Harry's latest appears to be the Bible, covering up the existing "Things I Can't"--well, at least, it looks like a bible?

He also got another scribble on his arm that reads "Silver spoon."

Hmm...what do you suppose that one means?

Some are guessing he's wearing it as a symbol of the good luck he's had with One Direction.

What do you think of Harry's latest ink choices? Do you think he'll eventually stop or add more to his collection?

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