No Twerking Allowed for British Prime Minister's Kids: They're Banned From Watching Miley Cyrus!

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British Prime Minister David Cameron recently revealed to The Telegraph that his children are not allowed to watch Miley Cyrus on TV! Keep reading to find out why! Miley Cyrus twerkingYou know you're a big deal when the British Prime Minister bans his kids from watching you on TV!

The current P.M. David Cameron recently revealed to The Telegraph that his three children aren't allowed to watch Miley Cyrus twerk on TV!

He said that the his kids, who range from ages 3 to 9, knew her as Hannah Montana but haven't put it together that she's really the new "Miley". He's also not a fan of her signature dance movie twerking...and we don't really blame him.

"My children are too young. They haven't connected the lovely Hannah Montana, who is now this person twerking," he said.

We're sure he's not the only one who has kids no allowed to watch Miley on TV! Her "Wrecking Ball" video WAS just banned in France! Stars like Ed Sheeran and Leona Lewis think it's inappropriate too.

Do you think the Prime Minister is taking things too far by not allowing his kids to watch the twerking queen? Chime in!

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