Jennette McCurdy DirtyMcCurdy Funny or Die video
Jennette McCurdy is shedding her teen image in the dirtiest way possible--check out the Sam & Cat star in this hilarious Funny Or Die video!

Did Jennette diss Miley Cyrus?

Nah. All in good, that, as Jennette pokes fun at how to make the transition from teen TV star to an adult singer.

In the video, Jennette talks about how Britney and Miley have gone the dirty route to break out of their kid star mold--but she's going even dirtier.

We give you Dirty McCurdy and her new single "Bean There, Done That."

It's definitely the iCarly alum like you've never seen her before!

Why did she do it? Jennette said "I just gotta be me...and also because the music industry has gotten to the point where it doesn't matter what kind of music you make, so you just gotta create personas that are increasingly cartoonish and unreal so that people pay the smallest amount of attention to you."

She has a point.

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