Why the Heck Are Kids Snorting Smarties?

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You're never going to guess what can happen to kids that snort Smarties. Check out the gross-out details that were just revealed! TO GO WITH AFP STORY BY VIRGINIE MONTETApparently, there's a Smarties-snorting craze going on.

All of a sudden, there are videos surfacing on YouTube showing teens crushing up the pastel-hued candies and then snorting and smoking it.

The thing is, this trend isn't new, and there doesn't seem to be a clear reason for why they're snorting up the candy in the first place.

There's no "Smarties high," according to the Los Angeles Times, and it's not even clear if the teens are getting a sugar rush from it.

At most, they're falling victim to a bad burn when they snort it.

What is new about this trend is a bit of research that was just released by Scarborough Middle School in Maine, which issued an informational document to parents to warn them about the dangers of snorting Smarties.

The big danger here?

Nasal maggots.

Yes, kids can get actual nasal maggots that "feed on the sugary dust wedged inside of the nose," Dr. Oren Friedman said in the doc.

If the candy isn't crushed up finely, snorting it can lead to infection and scarring of the nasal cavity, which can then lead to those dreadful maggots.

So gross!

Just sniff the air folks. It's a far safer idea.

Shocking Candy Danger: Kids Snorting Smarties

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