17 Reasons Scott's a Better Kardashian Than the Actual Kardashians!

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Okay, so Scott isn't technically a Kardashian. But he's been part of the famous clan for so long, he might as well change his name to Skott, right? In fact, he may pull off being a Kardashian better than the actual Kardashians!

Scott's an only child, so he appreciates a big family:

He cares about looking good, at any age:

He's all about nice rides:

He's aware of his popularity:


He gets down with the Kardashians:

All of them:

Without Scott there would be no Mason (sorry, paternity-seeking male model) or Penelope:

He knows the deal:

He's got a bro(in-law)mance going on with Rob:

He can hang with other famous people:

He's an expert at pranking Kris:

He can rock an expensive bag:

His accessories are royally inspired:

He savors the finer things in life:

He's just "one of the girls" in group selfies:

And because we just really love this:


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