Is 13 Too Young to Get Plastic Surgery? If You Were Bullied, Would You?

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Is 13 too young to get plastic surgery? Take a peek at the story of a teen who decided to get a nose job after kids bullied her at school.
In Hollywood, it's no secret that quite a few celebs have gone under the knife.

But, when it comes to your average teenager...that's a different story.

13-year-old Nicolette Taylor decided to get plastic surgery after kids at school kept teasing her about her nose, which she broke when she was two and again at eight.

"It's this side. Yeah, over here, it like, hangs," Nicolette told Nightline, showing what she didn't like about her nose.

In addition to getting bullied at school, kids would also bully her online about her nose. Her parents said she would come home sobbing because of it.

"They went on Facebook, and they started posting, 'Hey big nose,'" Maria Taylor, Nicolette's mother, said in an interview with Nightline correspondent JuJu Chang. "It happened probably about five times that week."

So, the native New Yorker, who was just a couple of weeks out of the eighth grade at the time, got a nose job, with the complete support of her parents.

And they were on hand for her big reveal when her tape was removed in the doctor's office later, where Nicolette cried tears of joy when she saw the results.

"Oh my God. It's so pretty," she said, as tears rolled down her face.

What do you think? Is 13 too young to get plastic surgery? If you were being bullied, would you?

Tell us in the comments.

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