Is a New 'Drake and Josh' Movie Happening? Drake Bell Gives Update on Reddit

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Is a new 'Drake and Josh' movie happening? Last week, former Nickelodeon star Drake Bell posted a pic of himself and co-star Josh Peck. Find out what he said about it during his Reddit AMA. Drake and Josh reunion movie pic Drake Bell Josh Peck
Last week, Drake Bell tweeted a pic of himself and Drake & Josh co-star Josh Peck--and the internet went a little crazy over their reunion and the possibility of another movie.

Drake wrote: "We are BACK!!! Who is ready for the new movie?!!! #drake&josh #drakeandjosh"

We posted the pic on Facebook and readers were all on board with the reunion movie...but is it really happening?

Luckily, Drake did a Reddit AMA session last week and was asked that very question.

While nothing is confirmed yet (bummer), Drake did say that something is in the works.

During the Reddit AMA session, he was asked: "Drake, please tell me the new Drake and Josh movie is not a joke. Is there really going to be a new movie? If so, what can you say about it? I loved that show and a new movie would be awesome."

He responded: "I would LOVE to make this new movie with Josh we just need you guys to go on all the social media outlets and make it blow up!!"

When asked, "So it isn't being made as of now?," he said, "being written."

So, yeah, it's not a done deal, but Drake has been posting pics of himself and Josh, plus they reunited for dinner last week--so maybe he's trying to get people buzzing about a Drake & Josh movie.

Would you tune in for another round of Drake & Josh? We'd kind of love to catch up with these guys (and Megan too!).

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