Jimmy Kimmel Tries to Get Baby to Sing 'Wrecking Ball:' File Under Things That Don't Work on Live TV

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Baby singing Wrecking Ball viral video Jimmy Kimmel
Watch as Jimmy Kimmel tries to get a baby to reenact the viral video where she sings Miley Cyrus' 'Wrecking Ball.' How did the toddler do on live TV? When a recent viral video of a toddler emotionally singing Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" in the backseat became an instant hit, Jimmy Kimmel decided to fly the kid in for a live performance on his show.

How did it go?

In a segment called, "Can They Do It Live," Sophia had all the conditions set for reenacting her now famous video (strapped into a car seat in a sweet fake car with her mom in the driver's seat).

Sophia was perhaps a little too distracted to pull off the live song, but that doesn't mean she wasn't crazy adorable in the process.

Yep, Kimmel was upstaged by a two-year-old, as the little cutie answered his questions, including some of the other songs she likes to sing (Lady Gaga!).

While the audience and viewers waited on the edge of their seats waiting for Sophia to belt out the chorus--despite the best attempts of mom and Jimmy--it wasn't happening.

It didn't stop her from getting a cool 5 minutes of fame on late night TV--and a sweet karaoke machine though.

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