5 Things Justin Bieber Should Stay Away From...Even When He's Sober!

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Justin Bieber was just arrested in Miami for drag racing, DUI and resisting arrest...and we can't say we didn't see this one coming!

From egging incidents, peeing in the snow in Aspen, nasty texting wars with his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, police raids and more, it's obvious there are a few things or people the Biebs needs to say away from if he wants to keep his awesome career going.

 Check out our list of the things we think Justin should stay away from...even when he is sober!

No matter how bored (or hungry) he is...Justin needs to stay away from eggs!

Even though he's Canadian, the Biebs shouldn't be allowed near snow! We all know what he likes to do in it...and it's not dance!

Justin wasn't the first in his crew to get arrested this year...Lil Za was! Someone needs to supervise his playdates...ASAP!

Keep Justin away from his cell phone! Texting Selena Gomez, tweeting, selfies...none of it's necessary right now Biebs!

Sports cars! When he drives in fast cars he gets pulled over for speeding, driving under the influence...and arrested!

Despite his smiling (s)mugshot, Justin would be smart to realize this is a wake-up call. We hope he stays out of trouble...and sober!

Are there any other things or people you think he should stay away from?


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