Justin Bieber Driving With Female Passenger Who Wasn't Selena Gomez When Arrested: 5 Things You Should Know About Chantel Jeffries

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Justin Bieber was arrested last night and he wasn't alone when it all went down! Find out all about Bieber's female passenger and gorgeous partner-in-crime Chantel Jeffries here! Chantel JeffriesJustin Bieber was arrested last night and he wasn't alone!

When Justin was busted for a DUI and drag racing in Miami on Thursday night, he wasn't the only person in his rented yellow Lamborghini.

According to several pictures and reports, the Biebs had a beautiful young lady sitting shotgun in his rented ride when he got in trouble and was later arrested. The girl with him wasn't the singer's on-and-off again lady Selena Gomez either but a beauty by the name of Chantel Jeffries. So...who is she?! Here are five things you should DEF know about her!

5. Just like most of the girls Justin messes around with, Chantel is reportedly a 20-year-old model from San Diego. Surprised?

4. In a lot of her pictures on Instagram, she looks JUST like Kim Kardashian! Can you see the resemblence? Maybe she wants to be like her...and you know, make money from her face and date famous, rich men too?

3. The Biebs isn't the only famous person Chantel is known to hang with. She's an obvious sports fan and the ex-girlfriend of Philadelphia Eagles player DeSean Jackson.

2. Chantel must have a thing for guys with money and that come with fame because she has been romantically linked to Diddy's son, Justin Combs, too.

1. Justin posted a picture of her driving the infamous yellow Lambo on Instagram last night before he was arrested. Now it's not on there! (You can still see it here!)

Whoever she is, we're glad she wasn't hurt by Justin's irresponsible decisions last night. We're pretty sure Selena's not jealous about it either, she's probably thankful she dodged that bullet!

In case you missed the news, Justin was arrested last night for DUI, drag racing and resisting arrest in Miami. He saw a judge this morning and bail was set at $2,500. But, that wasn't before his epic mugshot was released for everyone to see. Check it out here!

What do you think about Justin's arrest? What about the girl he was with? Chime in!

DeSean Jackson's Ex With Justin Bieber At Time of Arrest

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