The Most Adorable 'Mean Girls' Parody: Because Cats Are So Fetch

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Mean Cats Mean Girls parody remake video
'Mean Girls' + cats = hilariously funny 'Mean Cats' in the latest movie remake parody video from YouTube channel The Pet Collective. Watch! Mean Girls and cats in one awesome video?

Be still our kitty loving hearts because Mean Girls is one of the best movies ever--and having cats re-enact our fave parts? It's so fetch.

We've seen cats play out a few of these Pet Collective movie parody videos before (is there nothing they can't do, really?), but Mean Cats really could be the holy grail of feline movie recreations.

(Well, until the next ultra adorable cat video comes along anyway.)

We give you Mean Cats, complete with Glen Calico, the hilarious line "She doesn't even go here!" and so much more...

And yes, there are plenty of crown pieces for everyone at the Spring Fling!

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