Sleep in Kevin Jonas' Bed: JoBro Rents His House for Super Bowl, Just $20,000 a Night?!?

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Why is Kevin Jonas renting out his mansion in New Jersey? Find out more about Kevin and Danielle's house available to rent for the Super Bowl. Is it worth the high price tag?

Kevin Jonas Renting house in NJ Super Bowl
Kevin Jonas is offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sleep in his bed...only he won't be there!

Kevin and wife Danielle are currently moving to a bigger place in anticipation of their new baby arriving--and, since their home seen on Married to Jonas is now vacant, why not make a little cashish in the process?

Kev and Dani listed the home in Denville, NJ on Airbnb, available January 28 through February 9, giving the lucky renter who plunks down the big bills run of the swank home, featuring six bedrooms and a home theater room, among other highlights.

The renter will also get four Super Bowl tickets, which is pretty sweet.

Kevin explained to OK! Magazine, "This year, I'm on baby watch so there's no way I'm going to the Super Bowl. This was an opportunity for someone to use my house in a fun manner. I'm about to go into my own Super Bowl. I might be watching it in the delivery room!"

Kevin and Danielle will even stock the fridge with whatever the renter wants.

The money (at least part of it) will benefit charity, as Kevin noted, "A portion will go to our charity Change For The Children, which helps underprivileged children. And then we are gearing up for the baby, so we've got diapers to buy! [laughs]"

As for why he's doing it (besides the charity benefit)...well, why not?

He explained, "Hotels down the street from me are, like, $5,000 a night for a suite. It's insane, the prices that people charge for hotel rooms, but this is an entire house."'s a pretty steep price tag.

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