Harry Styles Naked Butt Pic Heats Up Twitter: Sir Mix-A-Lot Responds

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A pic of Harry Styles' naked butt made the rounds on Twitter, with the pic showing the One Direction hottie peeing in the bushes. Find out what Sir Mix-A-Lot had to do with it! Harry Styles naked butt pic on Twitter
Well, thank the heavens for the internet, because a naked pic of Harry Styles' butt has landed online.

A Harry Styles' nude photo leak?

Well...not exactly.

But (butt?) it is downright cheeky.

The bare butt pic was heating up Twitter over the weekend, after a former One Direction bodyguard reportedly shared the photo of Harry having a wee in the bushes.

Sir Mix-A-Lot got in on the fun, tweeting: "@Harry_Styles u have a cute bum . Who's bushes you peeing in? Classic!!!"

Later he added, "@Harry_Styles oh wait.... That's my house!! Those are my bushes!!"

What followed was a series of funny tweets from Mix, with a fan asking, "@therealmix after this the real question is... are you a directioner?? XD"

His response? "I better be or I'll have pissy bushes. :-) they are incredibly talented"

Sir Mix-A-Lot joked that a 1D guy peeing in the bushes is great for home value, tweeting: @Harry_Styles pees in my bushes and my home value went up. I pee in his bushes and get arrested. #itaintfair lmao"

Too funny!

Harry's response to the whole thing? He tweeted: "Mix-A-Lot's in trouble."

Harry Styles naked butt pic on Twitter

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