Taylor Swift Pretty Much Jumped the Gun, Thought She Won 'Album of the Year' Grammy (WATCH!)

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Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift knows how to play things off like a pro...well, sort of!

Tonight during the Grammy Awards, everyone who was watching and was online seemed to notice how Taylor and her crew basically jumped the gun when the Album of the Year winner was being announced.

It all went down when Alicia Keys said who the category's winner was. The Swift entourage instantly seemed to think she was going to say Tay's album Red when really it was Daft Punk's Random Access Memories that won.

For a second, Taylor looked super surprised that she won...and so did the guy beside her. Everyone around her seemed to think she got the award for a second and then she totally played the whole thing off by standing up and clapping when she realized she wasn't the winner.

We weren't the only ones who saw the whole awkward moment go down either. The Daily Mail tweeted, "Taylor Swift can't believe she didn't win," alongside a screen shot.

We totally get why she reacted the way she did though. "Random" and "red" totally sound the same when they first start coming out of one's mouth and of course, she just REALLY wanted to win! And let's be real, she's USED to winning all the time too! Plus, the whole thing makes for a REALLY great GIF...!

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

Do you think Taylor totally jumped the gun or was she just overly happy for Daft Punk? Watch the video below to see her reaction yourself!

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