Katy Perry Groped Anna Kendrick at the Grammys?!

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Last year, Katy Perry made headlines for showing a LOT of cleavage at the Grammys, but this year, it was all about appreciating other

Last year, Katy Perry made headlines for showing a LOT of cleavage at the Grammys. This year, she went with a much more covered-up look, but that didn't mean she wasn't still on the lookout for the evening's best breasts.

Apparently, that honor went to "Cups" (no pun intended) singer, Anna Kendrick.

During her appearance on Conan O' Brien, the actress got candid about her cleavage-y run-in with Katy.

We probably shouldn't repeat what she said, but you can watch the video and hear for yourself.

In other, less R-rated news, Anna also gushed about seeing Beyonce. "I know everybody is, but I'm totally obsessed with Beyonce," she confessed. "I walked past Beyonce at one point, and because I'm not worthy I didn't look at her." Fortunately, her friends convinced her to overcome her feeling of inferiority and she ended up mustering up the courage to meet her.

To find out what Bey said to her, and why this heart ended up in the photo (aside from the fact that she's meeting Beyonce, which is reason enough), click the video above.

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