The Anna Kendrick Newcastle Beer Super Bowl Commercial You Won't See During the Big Game

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Anna Kendrick Newcastle beer Super Bowl commercial
Anna Kendrick's Newcastle Brown Ale Super Bowl ad is blowing up the internet. Watch the commercial that never got made and won't air during the big game. Anna is brilliant. Thank you, Anna Kendrick for never failing to be awesome.

Anna rocked a recent interview with Conan, where she talked about gushing over Beyonce and Katy Perry poking her cleavage, but it's this beer ad that will really have people talking.

Super Bowl beer commercials are the holy grail of advertising, so for Anna to pop up in a beer ad for the big game is a huge honor, right?

Well, it would be...if the ad actually aired during the Super Bowl.

Since Newcastle Brown Ale couldn't actually afford the spot, we'll have to be content with Anna completely dissing the beer folks.

And talking about just how hot she is (very, but we love her explanation of being "approachable hot.").

The beer ad won't air during the Super Bowl--heck, they can't even say Super Bowl--but it's blowing up the internet and getting gobs of attention, so we'd say it's a success.

Anna says in the "Super Bowl" ad: "I'll just give you an endorsement right now. Hi, Newcastle Brown Ale, the only beer that ever promised me a high paying role in a Super Bowl commercial and then backed out at the last f***ing second like a bunch of d**ks. Suck it. Suck it."

Anna Kendrick Newcastle beer ad Super Bowl commercial

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