Demi Lovato Doesn't Remember Smoking Pot With Joe Jonas?

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In a new interview, Demi Lovato talked about Joe Jonas admitting he smoked pot with her and Miley Cyrus. She probably doesn't quite remember it the way he did, though. Demi Lovato talks smoking pot with Joe Jonas
Remember when Joe Jonas went all tell-all and squealed that he smoked pot with Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus?

Seems Demi doesn't quite remember any of it going down.

But she's not hating on Joe for sharing the details.

In an upcoming E! interview on Beyond Candid with Giuliana, Demi was asked about Joe's essay and recalled him giving her the heads up on the details he shared.

Her response? "We smoked pot together?

She added, "I don't even remember, because clearly I was chilling! But I'm pretty sure it happened.
So, not denying it...just maybe not remembering it so clearly."

Demi explained that they're still friends no matter what, explaining: "I called him and was like 'hey' and he was so afraid to talk to me. I was like, 'relax, we're good...just don't be so stupid next time... I want to sit and talk to you in person...but I love you its all good.' We're always going to be friends."

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