Did Harry Styles Spend His Birthday With Kendall Jenner?

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Did Harry Styles spend his birthday with Kendall Jenner. Despite gossip that Hendall hooked up for a romantic birthday celebration, it seems the two couldn't have gotten together that day.

Harry Styles spent birthday with Kendall Jenner rumor
So there was some crazy buzz that Harry Styles spent his birthday with Kendall Jenner, but is there any truth to the rumors?

Turns out it's so not true, guys.

A mini wave of panic broke out on Twitter when a few sites reported that Harry and Kendall had a romantic birthday celebration in her dad's Malibu house.

The only problem? Harry reportedly left the U.S. for the UK before his birthday...and Kendall was spotted in New York City.

Clearly, the logistics involved in getting them both together for a Malibu birthday hookup would be pretty tough.

What did Harry do for his big day? Well, honestly, we have no idea because no pics have surfaced from any parties or a night out.

The last thing we heard from Harry on Twitter? He noted on February 1, "Just sitting around being 20."

Harry Styles Celebrates His Birthday With Kendall Jenner

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