Taylor Swift: 5 Times Her Creepy Stalker-esque Fans Got Too Close For Comfort

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Taylor Swift has some of the best fans in the world, but she also has some of the creepiest. After the latest man-fan-storming-the-stage sitch at her most recent show in London, we started thinking about all of the times she's had creepy stalker-esque situations...and there have been a lot. Check out a list of the top five fans who have gotten too close to Tay for comfort.

1. Last year Taylor's creepy fan alert went off when a man won a T-Swift "biggest fan" radio contest and said that he would want to sniff the singer's hair when he met her. The man fan was really a 39-year-old Swifter who seemed so strange that they actually decided to call off the contest because they said his win was rigged...

2. Totally making an ass of himself, a man recently stormed Tay's concert stage while she was performing at the O2 Arena in London. Like a pro Taylor smiled, grabbed what he handed her and talked to the show crasher but that wasn't without her bodyguards taking him down. Read more about that whole situation here.

3. It seems like the obsessed fans like to show up at Taylor's house. One story that really sticks out in our minds is the time that one man fan jumped the fence at Tay's Nashville home. Even though he didn't get charged with anything legally he did cause quite an uproar when he went to her crib saying he was her boyfriend. Luckily, she wasn't at home during the time.

4. You know you're a dedicated T-Swift fan when you swim to her house to try and see her. That's exactly what one fan of hers did last year in Rhode Island. A 22-year-old man from Chicago was arrested when cops saw him swimming about a mile away from her beach house in hopes of meeting her.

5. The weirdest Taylor fan situation has to be the time a male fan was arrested at her show in Pittsburgh. Home state or not, it apparently didn't keep the freaks away. He was taken in by police while he was in his seat at the show after he threatened the singer on Facebook prior to the show. He was also holding a "Taylor is with Satan" sign too. Get more details here.

Taylor's not the only famous person who has had creepy fans. Her BFF Selena Gomez just had a crazed fan arrested after they were stalking her and showed up outside her house. Jennifer Lawrence recently had to deal with a fan harassing her brother on the phone in hopes of meeting her too.

We're just glad all of these stories have decent endings. Think being famous would be worth all that?

On a more positive note, click to check out Taylor recently singing "Lego House" with Ed Sheeran. It's awesome.

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