Fans Mad After Gwen Stefani Calls Herself "Chunky" in Old Pic

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Gwen Stefani definitely looks different today than she did from this photo taken in 1983...then again, if she looked exactly the same, that would kind of weird.

We all have those awkward photos from when we were younger and of course, we're all critical of the way we used to look (because let's face it, we're WAY cooler now), but a comment Gwen made about herself in this photo has made more than a few of her fans angry.

"Chunky me 1983. getting autograph backstage," she captioned the photo.

"Please don't call yourself chunky. Too many girls and women look up to you for you to talk like that," one Twitter user replied. "Come on Gwen chunky? Really?!!! Not cool-to many girls look up to you for you to call that a 'chunky' pic!," another wrote.

As usual, there were strong opinions on both sides of the issue. Many others said that it's Gwen's prerogative to say whatever she wants about herself and questioned why anybody would be offended by her own body-shaming.

After all, it's not like Lily Allen's recent incident where someone else took it upon themselves to call her out for not having what she apparently thought was the ideal figure.

Still, we can't help but you think Gwen calling herself "chunky" in that pic is putting the wrong message out there for young girls?

Gwen Stefani Posts 'Chunky' Photo, Gets Slammed for Body Shaming

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