Harry Styles Takes Sneaky Vacation to Jamaica, Fakes Out Fans

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Slow clap for Harry Styles...

The One Direction star managed to slip off of the radar (no small feat) for a vacation in Jamaica.

How did he do that and go completely unnoticed?

After all, 1D update accounts on Twitter seem to know his exact location at all times and who he's with.

We got so used to seeing Harry around L.A., that when his birthday rolled around, everyone assumed he headed back home.

Today, a pic of Harry at an airport in Jamaica surfaced, with reports that it was taken earlier in the week, but the fan wasn't allowed to share it until now.

With all eyes on Harry, it's nice to know that he was able to slip away and truly enjoy some downtime during 1D's break.

Pretty sneaky, that cupcake.

Harry Styles at Jamaica airport

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