This Woman Tells the Future By Looking At Asparagus

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Apparently, asparagus is a fortune-teller.

Jemima Packington, 58, who uses the veggie to predict the future, said we should expect to see a royal death and wedding in 2014, a string of celebrity divorces and the breakup of a musical super group (please tell us it's not One Direction!).

The "Asparamancer" said she got her future-predicting gift from a relative, adding, "My great-aunt read tea leaves and I have inherited her gift. It might sound silly but I was about 80% accurate in 2013," Jemima told the UK's Mirror.

Jemima, who has been doing asparagus readings since she was eight years old, doesn't use the typical, run of the mill asparagus for her special gift either.

According to the Daily Mail, she swears only by fresh Worcestershire asparagus grown in the Vale of Evesham-the UK's main asparagus supplier for the site-for her fortune telling.

As far as her past predictions, Jemima correctly predicted that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would get pregnant in 2012, but she also predicted that an animal would win an Oscar that yar.

Although 2012 Best Picture winner The Artist's star dog Uggie didn't win an Oscar (he couldn't since animals aren't eligible), he did go to the Oscars that year and he was on stage when the film's star, Jean Dujardin, won the Best Actor Academy let's just say she was close.

Check out Jemima's video below!

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