James Deen Speaks Out About Second Sex Tape With Farrah Abraham

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We have to admit, we were all a little shocked when news about a second Farrah Abraham sex tape broke.

After all, the reality star had just told In Touch weekly that her first sex tape "ruined" her life.

Also, we heard that the so-called second tape was with James Deen, whom she didn't exactly seem to end things on great terms with after the first tape. So, we weren't sure what to make of the whole thing.

From what it sounds like, the second tape might just be unused footage from the first, which Farrah actually doesn't want being released.

According to TMZ, Farrah insists she did not consent to a second sex tape, so it might just be additional footage from the first one, which she undoubtedly signed over all the rights to.

While James hasn't always been quick to defend Farrah, he seems to be telling the same story.

"They definitely had enough footage for two videos," he told Celebuzz about their shoot. "Half the video wasn't used, so I was wondering when they'd release it."

Knowing that it's more than likely just extra footage from the first tape, we can't help but wonder if this one will sell as well as the original. It sounds like James doesn't think so, being as he told the site that the first video "was all the good stuff."

Maybe it's a new tape, maybe it's extra footage from the same day...does it really matter, though?

Farrah: Sex Tape 'Ruined My Life'

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