JoJo's Advice for Those Being Bullied: "Know That This Is Temporary"

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Even the biggest stars have dealt with their fair share of bullying.

Singer and actress JoJo gave us a call to chat about her new film, G.B.F., and while the film isn't primarily about bullying--it's definitely an undercurrent. (In it, three queen bees at a high school try to win over the latest hot "accessory," a gay best friend.) We asked what wise words she'd share with anyone who's ever been bullied or is currently dealing with it.

"It's hard to receive advice when you're going through it," the 23-year-old conceded. "I was bullied. I think a majority of us were. Especially for people who are creative. It's amazing to talk about it as an adult, but the thing I can say is that time is the only thing that heals."

"Focus on what you want to do with your life, focus on your academics, focus on the things that make you happy and try to tune out the negativity," JoJo said. "That's the hardest thing to do, especially in a school setting or when you can't get away from someone. But just try to focus on the positive and know that this is temporary and that you won't be in school forever."

She realizes that bullying goes beyond school walls. "Although there is definitely bullying on the internet, [remember that] you get to choose your interaction with people. You get to choose how you react to it and you get to choose how you respond to it and internalize it."

And focusing on what she loves is exactly what JoJo is doing. "I'm going to be starting a project soon," the singer said. "And continuing to put out things for those who support me. There are definitely some exciting changes going on in my life professionally that I'm excited to embark on."

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