Why Are Fans Angry About This Cover?

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Khloe, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian look gorgeous on the cover of this issue of The Sunday Mirror Magazine's "Notebook," but do they look a little TOO good?

After Khloe Kardashian posted a pic of the cover on her Instagram page, fans immediately began crying foul Photoshop.

"This image had been so much photoshoped (and so badly) that Khloe look like an alien!!!" one user wrote. "Did they stick her face on someone elses body?" another chimed in.

Still, some didn't care so much about the fact that the photo editors might have taken some creative liberties, but WERE concerned about the message that might be sending.

"#notebookmagazineyou really f**ked up this one. Its so obvious that you photoshopped their bodies. What kind of message do you think that's sending? And I think it's so ironic/pathetic that in the header the magazine is talking about their killer curves, yet they photoshopped those same curves...." one user sounded off in Khloe's comments.

When momager Kris Jenner posted the pic, she got a very similar response.

"Too much photoshop! They are beautiful in their sizes, they dont need to look like this," one person wrote. "Toooo muchhhh Photoshop!!!! Khloe is beautiful the way she is,doesn't need her waist to look that small .. smh . The Kardashians KNOW this is Photoshop and still don't say anything about this nasty cover," wrote another.

Do you think the girls' bodies were Photoshopped in the pic? Do you think it's sending the wrong message if they were?

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