Harry Styles' Cooking the Key to Kendall Jenner's Weight Gain?

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Harry Styles recently tweeted about chopping vegetables...and now this development emerges: according to a new report, Kendall Jenner has turned to Harry to help her gain weight.

A source told Yahoo Celebrity: "Kendall has become exasperated with being called 'too thin' by so many of her fans and even her other sisters."

The insider added, "She has been trying to gain a few pounds to look 'healthier', she's tired of being called 'beanpole', 'stick-thin' and 'underweight.'"

Here comes Harry to the rescue with a 1D diet plan...

The source noted, "She hasn't stopped working out but she's started eating differently to try and gain some weight, Harry has even been helping out--he loves girls with curves."

What can Harry bring to the table?

He's a genius with smoothies, it seems, as the source squealed, "Harry's become really good at the smoothies...He's even started to make her big vegetable smoothies, he's been experimenting--but he nearly chopped off his finger over the weekend."

And that all sounds semi-logical, given his weekend tweet: "Don't watch tv while chopping vegetables."

Still, we can't help but think vegetable smoothies aren't exactly proven for weight gain.

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