Oscars Spoiler Alert? Did Leonardo DiCaprio Win Best Actor?

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Did Leonardo DiCaprio win an Oscar for Best Actor?

A bit of a panic hit Twitter yesterday when it looked like an Oscars winner spoiler was accidentally revealed on CNN.

CNN ran a story that showed Leonardo's name engraved on the Oscar statuette plaque, naming him Best Actor for The Wolf of Wall Street.

Did CNN make a major mistake and reveal the winner early?

False alarm, it turns out.

Oscar voting is not done, so no winner has been chosen yet--plus every nominee has a plaque made in advance.

That way, the Oscar statuette is ready to go, something that started in 2010, when the winners' plaques were later attached at the Governor's Ball after the Academy Awards ceremony.

Remaining non-winner plaques get recycled, by the way.

Guess we'll have to wait until March 2 to see if Leo really does take home the prize.

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