Shia LaBeouf Debuts Weird #IAMSORRY Art Exhibit in Los Angeles

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The bag is back...and so is Shia LaBeouf with more antics.

Days after posing with a paper bag over his head that read "I Am Not Famous Anymore" at his Nymphomaniac premiere in Berlin, the actor debuted a new, odd, art exhibition in Los Angeles.

Inside of the Cohen Gallery Tuesday, the thesp appeared, sitting at a table with the same paper bag over his head once again.

So, what was the art project all about?

It's not exactly clear.

According to Time, guests at "#IAMSORRY" exhibition were greeted by artist Nastja Säde Rönkkö, who sat behind a table and told them to choose from the items laid out in front of her--a bowl of Hershey's kisses, a pink ukulele, an Optimus Prime toy, a bottle of Brut cologne, a bowl of typed messages, and many more odd objects.

Once they chose an item, they were led to a small room where Shia was sitting with the "I Am Not Famous Anymore" bag on his head.

And they interacted with him based on what they chose, while he continued to sit there silently.

According to the Daily Beast, Shia was suited up in a tuxedo and bowtie and he even teared up while the author (who went to the exhibit) Andrew Romano asked him a series of questions that he never answered.

While photography was not allowed, Shia took his bag off when Andrew asked him to give him a sign that he was really Shia, and he snapped the picture after the actor gave a silent response when he asked if he could take a picture.

According to Time, the exhibit is similar to the work of Marina Abramoviç and Maria Legault's The Apology Project.

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