Flappy Bird Meets Miley Cyrus in New Hilariously Weird Video Spoofs

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Flappy Bird might not be available to download anymore but there's a new version that is. You can now play the new game with a Miley Cyrus twist...sort of.

Since the Angry Birds-like game was taken off all Andriod and iOS stores the other day, tons of spoofs have been posted online in hopes to keep the game's memory alive. Our favorites so far are definitely the ones that mix the game with Miley and her infamous wrecking ball.

One YouTube user by the name of joeVFX uploaded a hilarious video which shows the animated game and Miley mashed together. The video starts the same way the Flappy Bird game starts and ends with Miley swinging in naked and crashing things down.

Another YouTube user created a video of a Flappy Bird singing "Wrecking Ball." Watch that below.

While we admit the vids are not THAT awesome, they are pretty humorous and entertaining to watch.

Are you upset Flappy Bird is gone? What do you think about these Miley mashups?

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