Move Over Flappy Bird: Here Comes Flappy Bert From Sesame Street

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Looking for more Flappy Bird type fun now that the game has been taken down?

There's no shortage of flappy wannabes, but our favorite is from Sesame Street: check out Flappy Bert.

Yep, Bert. And guess what? It totally works, as you have to move Bert in between pipes/pillars and hope he doesn't smack his adorable yellow face into one.

Even though it's got the adorable factor of Sesame Street, it's still a bit frustrating and hard to rack up the points--just like the original Flappy Bird.

But where's Ernie in this version? What's Bert without Ernie, after all?

No worries...crash into a pipe and Bert yells out "Ernie!"

Too cute.

Play Flappy Bert now--plus, check out the 10 Stages of Flappy Bird Addiction.

'Flappy Bird' Removed from App Stores by Creator

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