Couple Breaks Up Using Only Movie Titles: Watch the Clever Video

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Watch this clever video of a couple breaking up--using only movie titles.

It's a challenge, no doubt...and there are some pretty obscure films in there...but we have to hand it to comedy group POYKPAC for pulling it off.

As a guide, each movie's poster flashes by as they say the name, so you're never left wondering what title they said.

We won't set this up too much, but look for a pretty interesting story unfold between the man, the woman--and the waitress.

In all, 154 movie titles are used in the short video.

Ryan of POYKPAC explained the process, writing on YouTube: "Here's what I did: I created a giant list of movie titles that sounded like conversational phrases, then glancing over that list certain themes seemed to emerge and at that stage the story began to somewhat write itself. After I had some basics in place I started ransacking imdb, looking for movies that might help me fill in the gaps. It took two full days and very nearly drove me into an institution."

Pretty amazing.

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