Is Justin Bieber Gay? New Photo of Him Kissing a Man Goes Viral

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Forget those raunchy photos of Justin Bieber with girls. There's a new picture floating around of the bad boy singer kissing a guy.

People went crazy on Twitter yesterday when a photo of what looks like Justin kissing another man started going around. While we've heard a lot about his recent hookups lately, we definitely never heard about him hooking up with a dude.

According to several reports, the guy in the picture that totally looks like JB, isn't him. In fact, the man in the photo is reportedly a look-alike named Robert Miller. He apparently posted the infamous picture of him kissing his boyfriend online back in August.

We don't blame people for thinking it's Justin in the photo, though. The guy REALLY looks like him.

This isn't the first gay rumor to hit one of today's biggest pop stars. There are some One Direction fans that think two of the boy band members are "together."

Check out the Justin-kissing-a-dude photo above. Do you think it looks like the Biebs?

Justin Bieber's Mom

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