Niall Horan Shows Off New Haircut in Instagram Selfie Pic

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At long last, Niall Horan has shared a new selfie on Instagram...and he got a new haircut too?

Niall posted the latest pic of himself with absolutely no message to say "hey" to his talk of what he's eating, watching on TV or just general goofy Niall stuff either.

Instead, it seems, he's letting the photo speak for itself--as Niall gives a bit of a side glance at the camera to show off his new hairstyle.

What's going on with the hair, Nialler?

Immediately, fans took sides on whether they loved or hated the new Niall look.

We're pretty sure we'd have to get a good 360 degree look at it to make the call (it looks a bit assymetrical with a floppish element from what we can tell).

Then again, we love Niall no matter what hairstyle he's got.

Anyone else getting a Miley Cyrus vibe on this one?

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