Vivid Entertainment CEO Steve Hirsch Challenges Farrah Abraham to Take a Lie Detector Test

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Vivid Entertainment CEO Steve Hirsch is calling Farrah Abraham's bluff, at least he's attempting to.

When FishWrapper caught up with the porn exec outside of his offices on Friday, he said he doesn't think Farrah is telling the truth about her claims that she was drugged and raped multiple times while on tour for her first sex tape.

Steve is actually so convinced that he's right, he's willing to put A LOT on the line.

"To that end," he said. "I would be willing to offer a million dollars...a million take a lie detector test. We will agree on the right polygraph expert...take a polygraph test...and if she can prove that she was actually drugged and raped multiple times when she was on a promotional tour for the first Backdoor Teen Mom movie, I'll give her a million bucks."

Sounds like a no-brainer. Oh wait, there's more...

"But if she wasn't," he explained, "she needs to admit that she wasn't telling the truth, she needs to forego all future royalties AND give us back all the money she's already taken in as a result of the tape."

Wow, those are some pretty high stakes. Then again, if she is telling the truth, it sounds like an easy way to make a ton of money.

Steve gave Farrah 48 hours to respond to his offer, which will expire on Sunday. So far, radio silence from the reality star.

This sounds like a battle that nobody can really "win." If Farrah was lying about that, that's pretty messed up...but if she is telling the truth and she has to be subjected to more pain from the incident(s), that's only going to make the whole thing even more devastating.

Do you think Farrah is telling the truth?

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