The Tiniest, Cutest Harry Styles You'll Ever See: Carved Into a Pencil Tip

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This may very well be the cutest...and tiniest...tribute to Harry Styles ever.

We've seen these teeny little pencil point carvings before, but none have captured our attention quite like a miniaturized version of Harry.

Micro-artist Hedley Wiggan is the genius behind this impressive carving, which took three weeks of meticulous work to pull off the likeness.

On a pencil lead point--amazing.

We can only imagine the loving care that went into getting the flop of hair and skinny jeans just right.

The artist shared that Harry was a bit of a difficult subject to sculpt, commenting: "Harry took a bit longer to finish than some of the other carvings I have done because of his trademark drainpipe trousers."

He added, "I had to make sure I got his legs right, and to copy his trademark stance--with his hands behind his back--I needed to create a gap between his legs which was tricky. I'm really pleased with how it has turned out actually, I got some great detail on the jacket and think I mastered his hair."

Why Harry? The artist received a request from a member of One Direction's fan club to create the mini-Harry.

We wait patiently for mini pencil sculptures of Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn...

Mini Harry Styles sculpted in pencil

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