Remember Him? 5 Questions With "Paparazzi" Star Greyson Chance!

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Greyson Chance has changed a lot in the four years since his performance of Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" at his sixth-grade music recital went viral on YouTube. Simply put: "I was short and I had a really high voice, and now my voice is low and I'm tall," sums up the Oklahoma native.

After signing with Ellen DeGeneres' label, eleveneleven, and touring with Miranda Cosgrove and Cody Simpson, the 16-year-old follows up his debut album, Hold On 'Til the Night, with a more grown up, 70s funk-inspired record, due out in a couple of months. Cambio caught up with the "movie addict" last month at th Sundance Film Festival, where he rocked out at the ASCAP Music Café in Park City.

: What's it like to live with your parents in Edmond, OK when you're not on tour?

GC: My siblings are in college, so it's empty nesting at my house. I got my license in August, and I just got a 1966 Ford Mustang. I collect a lot of vinyl--way too much at this point--a lot of books and old typewriters. My room's a mess! I don't really get homesick. The only thing I miss is my dog. I have a Lab. His name is Whiskey. He's too big, and I think he would freak out [on tour]. For the most part, it's easy to travel and do what you love. I started writing for this record at a writing camp in Bali with songwriters and artists and producers. I really love Bali--I can't stop talking about it.

2: What's the best gift a fan has given you?

GC: My new record is all about escaping through music and traveling to what I call Planet X, and Planet X to me is this whole fantasy world that I feel like I'm in when I listen to the record. And I got this lovely box that [a fan] painted and wrapped in these messages from Twitter and Facebook, and it's Planet X-themed and inspired. That's what's so amazing--[fans are] getting it, and they haven't even heard the tunes yet. It's just so amazing and incredible, and the time she put into it--I can't even imagine.

3: Any celeb crushes?

GC: I watch way too many movies. It's like music to me. There's greatness in every genre. St. Elmo's Fire [is my favorite]. Ally Sheedy is a celebrity crush, but back in the 80s. She is so hot in that movie! Oh, I love Emma Watson. Is Meryl Streep a weird choice? Julia Roberts when she was doing Mystic Pizza. I love Meryl, man.

4: Who's your dream collaborator?

GC: If I could ever do something with Prince, I would pee my pants and freak out. I met the President at the Easter event at the White House a couple of years ago and that was such a cool thing, but Prince--I would seriously tackle him. I don't think it'd be okay. I've thought about sneaking into house [to] see where he cooks. Oh my god!

5: Who's your favorite person to follow on Twitter?

GC: One of my favorite indie artists is James Blake. He does a lot of really cool stuff on Twitter and Tumblr and just a lot of interesting things. I love seeing what Gaga's up to. I love everything she does, so I'm up with her a lot. What happened is this crazy, bizarre thing and now it kind of turned into a friendship, so it's really, really great. I just think she's amazingly talented. I always try to catch her live. It's funny, just fantasy turns into a reality, and ooh I'm here making music! I just keep on looking forward.

--Jenny Sundel

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