Watch Out Atlanta! Justin Bieber Is Reportedly House Hunting in Your City

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Hot-lanta! Justin Bieber is reportedly property hunting in Georgia.

According to TMZ, the Biebs wants out of Calabasas, California (where the police raided his house a few weeks ago) and to move to Atlanta to pursue his singing and rapping career.

Known to be the happening place for rap music and celebs these days, Atlanta seems to make sense for the Biebs. It is the home of rapper T.I., Jermaine Dupri, TLC and more. Even young actors like Nina Dobrev and Liam Hemsworth were caught recently hanging out at a bar in the city.

This wouldn't be the first time Justin lived down south either. When he first came to the United States with his mother to work with Scooter Braun years ago, they lived in Atlanta. He supposedly feels like he'd be better off in Georgia and out of trouble than if he continued to live outside of Los Angeles. But don't think the Biebs' doesn't have any Cali love at all, he's reportedly buying ANOTHER house 20 miles outside of Calabasas too.

We think that Justin moving to Atlanta has a little bit to do with his boss, Usher. The singer and Justin's mentor is from Atlanta and currently lives there with his family. Perhaps he wants to keep an eye on JB? We don't blame him...

TMZ says that Justin just found a home in Usher's super-rich Atlanta community for $10.95 million that he's interested in buying. Click here for all the details on that property. It seems pretty swag-tastic.

Justin was recently in Atlanta and was even seen hanging out with big music names like P. Diddy and Jermaine. He also partied it up in a club in the city where he reportedly acted normal and stayed out of trouble.

What do you think about Justin moving to Atlanta? Is it a good choice or do you think he will act like a crazy man there too?

Justin Bieber Wants to Move to Atlanta

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