Jennifer Aniston Boycotting Japan Because of Dolphins?

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There are a lot of celebrity animal lovers out there--and their way of showing love for animals are as unique as the stars themselves.

Some choose to wear clothes that send a message while others opt to take off their clothes in hopes of getting their point across.

A new report, however, claims that Jennifer Aniston is choosing to send a message in a very different fashion.

Jen isn't taking off her clothes (sorry, guys!) or even putting any on to show her love for dolphins. In fact, RadarOnline reports that it's what the actress ISN'T doing that sends a message.

A source tells the site that Jen refuses to go to Japan because she disagrees with their dolphin hunting practices.

"She doesn't allow herself to be contractually required to travel to Japan because of that country's policies toward fishing and specifically the treatment of dolphins," they revealed, adding that "she has vowed not to go to Japan until the country's policies change."

Jen did appear in a PSA back in 2011 along with Hayden Panettiere, Robin Williams and Jason Mraz (among others) to help make people more aware of the issue, so it's obviously something she cares about.

For what it's worth, though, her rep tells E! News that the A-list actress is not boycotting the country over it and told the UK's Daily Mail that the story was a "complete fabrication."

Rumor or not--if nothing else, the story definitely brought a little extra attention to the dolphin hunting situation, so it sort of served as its own PSA.

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