Harry Styles, Movie Star? Harvey Weinstein Will Make It Happen, On One Condition

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Could Harry Styles have a movie career ahead of him?

Does Harry even have the acting chops for the business?

One movie honcho thinks so--as long as he dates his daughters, Harry can definitely land a film role.

Hold up. What?

Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein offered Harry a film career, but there's one little condition.

Since his kids are big One Direction fans, he told The Sun (via Toronto Sun), "Harry Styles will definitely be a movie star if he wants to...First he's got to date all three of my daughters. They all think he is extremely handsome. Once that's sorted, he can be in any film he wants."

Before Directioners get too fired up--we think Harvey's joking.

Seriously, do you think Harry could hold his own in a film?

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