Kristen Wiig Impersonates Harry Styles on Jimmy Fallon: How Did She Do?

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Kristen Wiig's impersonation of Harry Styles is...interesting.

Kristen joined Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show last night, for an interview as the One Direction star.

While she may have nailed his signature style and hair, to some extent, if you were hoping for a perfect British impression, it didn't happen.

No worries though--it was hilarious.

Jimmy was quick to note that different.

Plus "Harry" knew very little about how the band got together or decided on a name...and singing "What Makes You Beautiful" proved to be a bit of a challenge too.

Kristen as Harry was a fun interview though--we loved seeing her and Jimmy giggle their way through the whole thing.

And we finally learned how Harry gets his hair to look like that--the secret is two hairdryers pointed at each other.

Kristen once graced Jimmy's previous late night show as Michael Jordan, so she definitely likes to think outside the box when it comes to interviews.

We can't wait to see what Harry thought of it, but his mom tweeted that it was "brilliant."

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