Britney Spears Changes Her Hair Color--Again

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This is actually kind of cool because when Britney Spears changed her hair back to brunette last week, it was sort of boring being as we've seen her as a brunette before.

This new style, though, is a much more fun color change.

In these new photos from Britney's meet-and-greet at her Las Vegas show, she's showing off a brand new auburn 'do.

Let's first take a second to appreciate the hair color...all right, done?

Now, can we talk about how awkward these photos look?

Seriously...we know there are probably rules (and for good reason) about how close you can get to the celeb. We get it, you're not allowed to just throw your arm around them and snap a selfie, but does it even count as a "meet and greet" if you're like 50 feet away?

Britney Spears Leaves Fans Disappointed After Meet-And-Greet

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