Girl Scout Sells Cookies Outside of Marijuana Clinic, Makes Major Bank

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Is there a merit badge for business savvy?

A 13-year-old Girl Scout made waves after she set up shop outside of a medical marijuana dispensary in San Francisco...and sold a whopping 117 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies in just two hours.

Considering the boxes go for $4 a pop, Danielle Lei raked in about $468 for her troop in just a little bit of time-not a bad day at the office.

"It's no secret that cannabis is a powerful appetite stimulant, so we knew this would be a very beneficial endeavor for the girls," Holli Bert, a Green Cross staff member, told Mashable. "It's all about location, and what better place to sell Girl Scout cookies than outside a medical cannabis collective?"

As for which crave-worthy boxes of cookies dispensary customers couldn't get enough of, Danielle was selling boxes of Dulce de Leche and Tagalong cookies left and right as she stood outside of the Green Cross pharmacy during Presidents Day weekend.

Surprisingly, this isn't the first time Danielle has set up shop outside of a medical marijuana clinic.

Her mom, Carol Lei, told the site her two middle-school-aged daughters have done it before outside of various clinics in San Francisco, adding that she thought it would be a good way to start a conversation about drugs and the medicinal purposes of marijuana.

"You put it in terms that they may understand," Carol said. "I'm not condoning it, I'm not saying go out in the streets and take marijuana. It also adds a little bit of cool factor. I can be a cool parent for a little bit."

As for the Girls Scouts organization's take on this, a rep for Danielle's local council, the Girl Scouts of Northern California, told CBS they're fine with the location she chose.

"They and their parents pick out places where they can make good sales," the rep said.

Girl Scouts Sell Cookies At Pot Dispensaries
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