Why Police Are Beefing Up, Patrolling More Around Justin Bieber's New Atlanta Home

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The local police in Atlanta are onto Justin Bieber, his entourage...and his fans.

According to TMZ, the cops near Justin's recently rented ATL spaceship pad plan to patrol the area near his residence multiple times a day.

"He's not an animal in the zoo," the Sandy Springs Police caption told the site.

Not only do the police want to make sure Justin's new crib isn't a tourist attraction but they want to make sure the Biebs' fans aren't acting like crazy people outside his house too. TMZ says the po-pos are aware of his recent legal troubles and want to make sure he's behaving as well.

Justin just rented a 4-bedroom, spaceship-looking mansion from music producer Dallas Austin. He's reportedly staying there for three months to record an album and until he can find a house to buy in Atlanta.

How long do you think it'll be until Justin gets in trouble with the law in ATL?

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