Coca-Cola Creates New Use for the Canine Cone of Shame

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We've all seen those Dogs. Maybe our own furry friend has even rocked one at some point in their lives. We're talking about the canine cone of shame.

Judging by the look on the dog's face when they get coned up, we'd imagine it's probably pretty close to the same feeling we had when we were forced to wear our headgear to school.

If you've taken your dog to the dog park with the cone, you know exactly what we're talking about.

Coca-Cola, however, has come up with a human application for the dreaded cone and it's something we think everyone could benefit from.

No, it's not to stop us from scratching our neck, ears or face with our feet (although if you're flexible enough where that's an issue for you, we suppose it could work for that, too). The human cone is actually a "social media guard," which makes it so you can't see your iPhone, iPad, Kindle or whatever you're carrying these days.

We know what you're thinking--why would anyone subject themselves to such torture?!

Think of it this way, what if you could sneak a social media cone onto your boyfriend or girlfriend and actually (we know this is crazy) TALK to them during a dinner date...without a single text or tweet. This way, instead of seeing a photo of your friend's dinner on your Instagram feed, you could just look across the table and see the real thing--right there in front of your eyes! No filter.

Unfortunately, the social media guard is not a real thing (at least not yet), but it's a pretty brilliant campaign from the soda company that definitely got our attention--even if we did stumble across it while surfing around on our smartphone.

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