One Direction New Album Details: Release Date, Pharrell Collaboration

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A new One Direction album is coming "soon."

The guys are hard at work on the next album and, if it goes as they hope, look for a collaboration with Pharrell Williams too.

Liam Payne told Capital FM, "He is a friend of mine, that is as well as I can put it."

Niall Horan added, "We've been writing the new album at the minute, and hopefully we can get Pharrell, if Liam is willing. And I will do that trip with you, to go to America to meet Mr. Pharrell Williams, we'll go and write a tune."

Liam dished on the progress of the upcoming album, saying, "We've been writing, all of us have been writing the next album. There's another album coming out soon and it's sounding pretty damn good."

Pretty good? That's underselling it a bit, we think.

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