Parents Stand to Make Big Bucks on Cute Kid Videos

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There are tons of cute kid videos out there. Some definitely better than others, but basically, you put a kid in front of a camera and they do something even semi-cute and people are going to click away.

Some of these videos have gone viral (we're sure you've all seen "David After the Dentist") and some just fade into obscurity, but for the ones that are lucky enough to hit the big time, the parents stand to make some serious cash.

In fact, there's even a management company dedicated to helping set up endorsements, TV appearances, sponsorship opportunities and other money-making ventures for the stars of viral videos.

There are obviously big opportunities that accompany becoming an online sensation, which of course creates an incentive for people who set out to purposely try to create content that has viral potential. Still, there are inherent risks that come with posting such videos (especially of kids) that people definitely need to be aware of.

It's kind of crazy, though, the money-making potential could be creating a whole new generation of stage moms and dads.

Do you think the financial incentive will force parents to stage stuff to try to score a huge payday?

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