Amber Portwood: "I Just F**king Hate Everything I Did"

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The Teen Mom stars have certainly had their fair share of ups and downs. Some, more downs than ups, but either way, they're all growing up and with maturity comes admitting when you've made mistakes.

In this sneak peek of tonight's MTV special Being Amber, obtained by Us Weekly, Amber Portwood can't hold back her emotions when she talks about the time she spent in prison and how hard it was when her 5-year-old asked her "are you gonna be here when I wake up?" before she went to sleep.

At one point, it becomes too much for Amber to take and she storms out of the room, saying "I can't do this right now."

When a Teen Mom producer steps in to try to console Amber, her response is heartbreaking.

"She's afraid that I'm going to f**king leave her again...I just f**king hate everything I did," she says between sobs. "It was all the drugs and s**t."

While it's pretty painful to see Amber break down like that, the toughest part, by far, had to be seeing little Leah standing outside the door listening to the whole conversation.

During a recent interview with Dr. Phil, the reality star confessed that she was high every time we saw her on Teen Mom, but it sounds like she's working really hard to clean up her act, so we definitely applaud her for her efforts.

Are you going to watch Amber's special on MTV tonight?


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